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Why kids(and everyone) need wilderness

It’s amazing the number of articles one can find about the benefits of spending time in the wilderness. It’s equally surprising to hear about situations where people aren’t respecting the wilderness. One would think everyone would treat the wilderness gently

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Early Season Fishing Trip in the Wilderness

It’s always a dream of mine to be able to go out on an early season canoe trip. One of these days I’ll make it a reality but it won’t be until the kids are out of High School because

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Why Do You Return to the Wilderness?

The Quetico Superior Foundation asked this question in a recent newsletter.  Among the people who gave an answer was Adam Maxwell. You may remember him as one of our Voyageur Crew members who went on to paddle to Hudson Bay

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A Year in the BWCA Begins Soon

This is the time of year most people think about putting their paddles away for the winter. Not Amy and Dave Freeman, their paddling adventure will begin on Wednesday and it won’t end until the lakes turn hard. Then their

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Headlines You Might Not See

If you live in the cities then you probably would never see an article like this. Living on the edge of the wilderness I don’t even see an article like this very often. Just thought I would share it with

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Maybe Not for the BWCA

I’m not sure how many of you wilderness travelers need to have power when you are out and about. I do know some folks use their cell phones for taking photos and where there is cell phone service they can

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Associated Risks in the Wilderness

I think most people are aware of the risks in the wilderness and in ordinary every day life. You can slip on an ice covered sidewalk, get hit by a car or choke on a piece of steak and die. 

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Safety in the Wilderness

Did you know you could light a Frito on fire and it will burn for almost 2 minutes?  I read that in an online article the other day and the kids were thrilled last Friday when we performed the experiment. 

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Crave the Wilderness

It’s a craving like none other when you crave for the wilderness.  It’s a deep and powerful yearning that is always in the back of your mind. Almost like an invisible magnet is tugging at you and all you would

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