A Year in the BWCA Begins Soon

This is the time of year most people think about putting their paddles away for the winter. Not Amy and Dave Freeman, their paddling adventure will begin on Wednesday and it won’t end until the lakes turn hard. Then their mode of transportation will switch from paddling to dogsledding for the winter months before they will once again bring out the paddles to complete their one year stint.

Their one year adventure in the Boundary Waters is to bring awareness to the threats posed by sulfide-ore copper mining near the BWCA.  They want the wilderness area protected from potential harm from mining. It’s something they along with many others are passionate about.

In 2014 the Freeman’s paddled a canoe and sailed from the BWCA to Washington D.C. in an effort to “Save the Boundary Waters.”  The fear of an environmental catastrophe that would alter the BWCA is what is driving them to take this adventure.

You can find out more about their journey by visiting the linked websites in this blog. You can also sign a petition to help “Save the Boundary Waters.”  We wish them a wonderful year in the BWCA and look forward to helping them when they get to our neck of the woods.

Save the BWCA
Save the Boundary Waters


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