Janice’s son is going to be a father!

Readers of my blog are most likely familiar with the Quetico Provincial Park. It’s the Canadian counterpart to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Janice was the Cache Bay Ranger for 35 years until she passed away in 2020. She was many things and you can read all about her in a book written by Joe Friedrichs. She was an amazing person, a close friend of mine and the role she loved the most was being a “Mum” to her daughter Ingela and son Leif.

Life on an island in Cache Bay sounds like the best place in the world for children to spend their summers. The kids did enjoy paddling, fishing, hiking, swimming, being in nature and interacting with visitors to their island. However in some circumstances an island can become a hellish place, almost like a prison if there happens to be a predator lurking in the shadows or in the broad daylight. It’s difficult enough to protect children from known threats to their health and well being and It’s impossible to protect them from a threat you didn’t even know existed.

Janice would have done anything for her children, they were her world. Life wasn’t easy for Janice and it was even harder on her children. Janice’s first grandchild from Ingela passed away when she was just 10 months old. This was obviously devastating to the family. Years went by and with every step forward it seemed as though an invisible force pushed them back a mile. The only luck that fell on them was hard luck. Had Janice not passed away in 2020 she surely would have died of heartbreak when her daughter Ingela died on September 22, 2023.

Leif is the surviving son of Janice and I know she would be so proud to know how well he is currently doing. He has suffered much, endured more and in spite of it all is still here to talk about it. The soon to be mother of his child and Leif’s girlfriend’s name is Hope, which seems ironic yet perfect. Janice was able to meet Hope prior to her passing, I’m sure she was so happy to know Leif would have Hope in her absence. Their baby is due in March but appears to be anxious to arrive and could arrive sooner. The soon to be parents are not set up to be able to bring a baby home yet. They are without jobs, living at a relative’s house and conquering life one day at a time. They need help and I’m hoping you will be generous in giving just as Janice gave to so many of us.

Please visit Leif and Hope’s baby registry

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