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What a Find

This is quite a story. Dead, male cougar was found south west of Thunder Bay #LSN_Outdoors   Mandi Weist hand by Cougar Paw THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO March 26, 2017  (LSN)My boyfriend, my two friends Casey Nykyforchyn and Istvan Balogh and I,

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Looks Like Fun

Duluth Skate from Andrew Kilness on Vimeo.

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The Spawn Won’t Be Long

With the warm temperatures and melting snow we might see an earlier than normal fish spawn. Then again, we might not!   MN  DNR Question of the week Q: Which fish species are the first to spawn in Minnesota lakes

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Bear Aware in the Spring

Here’s some helpful tips from the MN DNR! Be aware of bears this spring; DNR lists tips for avoiding conflicts Anyone living near bear habitat is reminded to be aware of bears this spring and check their property for food

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Three Month Solo in the BWCA

Sound like fun to you? How about in the winter? From Quetico Superior Wilderness- A young man named Jon White recently spent three months alone in the wilderness, paddling in on November 1 and pulling a handmade toboggan out over frozen

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Hammock Craft

While I don’t think I’m going to help them fund this device I do think it is a neat idea.  It would be great fun to be able to lie in a hammock over the water! It would be nice

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Winter Adventure at Menogyn

What an amazing opportunity for these youth to experience the BWCA and winter on the Gunflint Trail. Through Wilderness Inquiry and Camp Menogyn a group of Somali-Minnesotan boys get to experience winter on the edge of the BWCA.  Read the

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Summer is Coming

It will be awhile yet but before long we’ll have open water for paddling again. Get your trip dates on the calendar, I know I’ve got mine!

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Shakespeare on the Shore in Grand Marais

Any Shakespeare aficionados out there? We’re trying to find out and we’re hosting a Shakespeare Festival at Voyageur Brewing Company this weekend. If you’re looking for a weekend escape, then come on up for a visit!

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Happy Spring!

Hoping your spring is off to a great start! Here’s a great catch photo of Matt’s!

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  • Although Spring is officially here we still have tons of ice to fish on! Come see for yourself, and maybe catch a...

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