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Improving Water Quality 25% by 2025

Here’s some information from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency about water quality in Minnesota. How’s the water? Minnesota has a very unusual geographic position. We sit atop a triple, continental-scale water divide. Almost all of our water arrives as rain

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Go to the end of the Gunflint Trail

Chapter 3? If you like it so much at the end of the Gunflint Trail then go already! I could spend more time at the end of the Gunflint Trail. There is plenty of work I could do at Voyageur

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Wildlife at the Minnesota State Fair

My favorite part of the Minnesota State Fair, besides the food, has always been the Minnesota DNR area. Why is it my favorite place to hang out at the fair? Read on and you’ll see why.   DNR’s iconic state

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Grand Marais is a Wonderful Place to Live

Shall I say this is Chapter 2 of Torn? That would assume there might be a 3rd and I’d hate to commit… People all over are envious of those of us who live in Grand Marais. It’s “America’s Coolest Small

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Bears in the Boundary Waters

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard of any bear complaints from folks in the Boundary Waters. Our guests haven’t had any trouble this year but other visitors to the BWCA have. The USFS informed us of the following.

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Torn Between Two Worlds

There is a book called, “A Life in Two Worlds,” actually when I googled it there are two but the one I’m referring to is about Betty Powell-Skoog. She tells of her life in two worlds, the first part of

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Oh Deer on the Gunflint

We’ve been seeing a little buck around Voyageur at the end of the Gunflint Trail lately. We haven’t seen many deer in the past few years and many of us think that is a good thing. When the deer population

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Brule River and Devil’s Kettle in August

There’s a little less water in the Brule River this month than there was earlier this summer but it’s still flowing and as beautiful as ever. It’s a must-do hike when you’re in Grand Marais, Minnesota. August June

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Wildlife Wonders of the Canoe Country

I sometimes wonder about wildlife in the canoe country. In July our family paddled across the Quetico Park from Beaverhouse Lake to Cache Bay, under 100 miles but pretty close. You would think in that vast area of wilderness there

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Colors Changing on the Gunflint Trail

We’re beginning to see some color changes on the Gunflint Trail. Maybe it was the hot, dry spell we had that started the transformation of colors? Whatever the reason we’re not ready for summer to be over quite yet. There’s

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