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Brule River and Devil’s Kettle in August

There’s a little less water in the Brule River this month than there was earlier this summer but it’s still flowing and as beautiful as ever. It’s a must-do hike when you’re in Grand Marais, Minnesota. August June

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Devil’s Kettle Waterfall

The waterfalls of the North Shore have plenty of water going over them. With recent rains the flow hasn’t slowed at all.  

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Devil’s Kettle Mystery Remains

You may have heard in the news yesterday the mystery of Devil’s Kettle has been solved. For years people, including scientist,  have wondered where the water that spills into the Devil’s Kettle from the Brule River goes. The river splits

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Devil’s Kettle

Devil’s Kettle is located in Judge C. Magney State Park. Every year there are trails I need to hike at least once and Devil’s Kettle is one of them.

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Fall Colors are Here

It’s beginning to look more like fall every day.  Today was a gorgeous day with brilliant sunshine and the temperature up in the 70’s on the Gunflint Trail. The forecast calls for more temperatures in the 70’s for the rest

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