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Outdoor Channel Announces Casting Call for Daring Wilderness Expedition Series: ‘The Brigade’

“The Brigade” unites 10 strangers who must complete a 2600-mile adventure in 10 weeks – it’s an epic expedition crossing two mountain ranges and five river systems

(Photo courtesy of TheBrigadeTV.com) (Photo courtesy of TheBrigadeTV.com)

By: Outdoor Sportsman Group Digital Staff

The search is on for the cast of The Brigade, Outdoor Channel’s groundbreaking new expedition competition series. Thrill-seeking and adventure-loving men and women from across the United States and Canada are encouraged to apply for their chance to join the ultimate trek.

The Brigade will retrace an epic 2600-mile fur trade route that links waterways from the coast of Oregon, traversing through two states, four Canadian provinces, two mountain ranges and five river systems before ending at the icy shores of Hudson Bay in Manitoba. Originally called “The York Factory Express,” it’s a thrilling and dangerous paddling odyssey unlike any other. The Brigade must work together to navigate fierce whitewater, portage over mountains, and fish and hunt for sustenance all without fuel or GPS. There are no eliminations. Instead the competition relies on the collective strengths of its cast to hang on against all odds. Those who complete the expedition have the chance to share prize money up to $1,000,000.

The Brigade is a once-in-a-lifetime expedition. Adventurers who have expedition experience, strong paddling skills, a multitude of outdoor abilities, and also possess willpower, strength and determination, should apply at thebrigadetv.com. Casting kicked off April 9, 2018 and the application period closes on May 15, 2018.

“Media Headquarters is thrilled to be partnering with Outdoor Channel on The Brigade,” Co-Executive Producer Robert Cohen (Smartest Person, Tessa & Scott) said. “This is a challenge so intense it can’t be tackled alone. It will take skill, perseverance and teamwork to succeed. If you’re ready to tackle an action-packed cross-continent outdoor adventure, we want to hear from you.”

The Brigade will personify true adventure and have Outdoor Channel viewers on the edges of their seats watching to see what happens next,” Outdoor Sportsman Group President & CEO, Jim Liberatore said. “The cast will mirror Outdoor Channel viewers – rugged lovers of the outdoors, thrill seekers and adventurers. I can’t wait to see how this show plays out.”

“Get ready for an adventure unlike any other,” Co-Executive Producer Alan Bishop said. “Having produced on shows like The Amazing Race and Survivor – and having competed as an athlete in The Eco-Challenge – I know very well the ups and downs that the cast will face. Viewers will be mesmerized watching the triumphs and adversity faced by the cast of
The Brigade.”

For more information on The Brigade or to apply please visit thebrigadetv.com

Find The Brigade:

Website: thebrigadetv.com
Twitter: twitter.com/thebrigadetv #thebrigadetv
Facebook: facebook.com/The-Brigade-TV
Instagram: instagram.com/thebrigadetv

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Wind and Waves in Grand Marais

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Not quite a snow day for school

School started two hours late today, the first “snow delay” of the school year. Funny it should come half-way through the month of April. I’m not sure what it looks or sounds like where you live but it looks and sounds like winter up here, still.

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Once upon a time

There was open water and my children were little so we took a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters.

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Still winter on the Gunflint Trail

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Bring shovels

Last week the the baseball and softball coaches asked the players to bring shovels to practice. Since Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate by offering sunshine and warm temperatures drastic measures were needed.  A snowblower was used on the baseball field! Hopefully we won’t have to do the same to get to the canoe pile!

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Looking forward to this view

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Riverside Cabin at Voyageur

Our Riverside Cabin at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters has always been a great place to vacation on the Gunflint Trail. Now it’s going to be even better thanks to our hard working Voyageur Crew. The kitchen floor is being replaced and a new full size stove and oven installed. The bathroom is also getting new flooring and a new tiled shower. We’re excited to show off the changes and we’d love for you to see them. Give us a call and book your vacation at Riverside today! 218-388-2224

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Snowy opening game

The first baseball and softball games of Cook County School were played today one hour south in Silver Bay, MN. I don’t know how they got their fields mainly free of snow but they did a good job. They did need to explain any ball that rolled into the snow in the outfield would be considered a double! The high temperature for the day was 33 degrees and there was a brisk wind blowing the snowflakes around. Bundled up in my winter coat, mittens, hat, scarf and a big blanket I still managed to shiver and my feet froze because I didn’t wear boots. I used to think watching hockey was cold, then I started going to cross-country ski meets and found out what cold really was. The good thing about cross-country ski meets is a race only lasts fifteen to twenty minutes not two hours long like a ball game. Hopefully the next games will be a little more enjoyable to watch.

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False sense of security

The late spring has lulled me into a false sense of security. The snow covered ground and ice covered lakes makes one think summer is far away but in reality it’s not. It’s this time of the year we check our lists and wonder, “Are there enough hours in the day to get everything ready for the season?” The answer is always, “It doesn’t matter, summer won’t wait.”

As soon as the ice goes out summer is here, ready or not.  A spring BWCAW canoe trip right after the ice goes out is something not many people experience. It’s very quiet in the woods and on the water except for the occasional slap of a beaver’s tail or splash of a fish. Not too many people brave the chilly nights and possible mid-day snow flurries. But the ones who do are rewarded with discoveries of snow beneath the pines and chunks of ice floating by.

Lets not forget one of the reasons people brave the freezing cold water to venture out into the canoe country early in the spring, don’t let them fool you, it’s because the lake trout fishing is amazing.

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