She remains with us, Janice, the Cache Bay Ranger

It is with the deepest sadness we let you know about Janice’s passing. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer the first week of June and left her body sometime late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Our hearts break for her children and loved ones left behind.

I’m filled with sadness and regret over missed opportunities over the years when I thought, “We can do that on your next set of days off.” Janice has been an integral part of our family over the years, often spending her days off from Cache Bay with us in Grand Marais or at the outfitters. She watched our kids grow up over the years and took care of them when Mike and I went on vacations or out to dinner.  She was one of those people who could leave in September and return in May and without having talked for months we were right back where we left off.  It was a very comfortable friendship where neither one of us were afraid to say what our heart and soul were feeling. There are memories to last a lifetime but I sure wish we could have made more.

There are so many things I could say, but right now I’ll leave them unsaid.  I know she is with us, the sound of the breeze on the trees, the sparkle of the water on the lake, a piece of nature that catches your eye and especially the raven as it perches with it’s watchful eye.

We will all miss you Janice, our beautiful Cache Bay Ranger.

From her daughter’s post…

The Post we have all been dreading is here; Mom passed away in her sleep last night, in her bed at home in Atikokan with Leif & i near by.
There was no pain or struggle, her Brother Darcy & father Sam both came & spent time with her together yesterday afternoon, when they left her final wishes were complete & she began to let go.
She spent her last days listening to her favorite music, smelling the fresh air & her favorite scents, and even a campfire in her backyard, with loved ones by her side, and listened & laughed & smiled while we read the many messages you all have so kindly relayed.
Leif & i cannot begin to thank you all for the incredible support you have provided our family.
We are spending today privately, we have everything we need & will give further update & info later on.
If you would like to call or stop by, please wait a day.
&/or text either of us
Again, thank you all ever so kindly for EVERYTHING
You all made this process as “easy” as it could have been.
So go for a walk, a paddle, a drive, look at the sky if you have no other nature in your view, and be grateful for today, because not everyone has been given it.

From the Go Fund Me…

Our beautiful friend, Janice Matichuk has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer. This came as a huge shock to Janice, her family and friends. Janice has always been the strong one, the determined one, creative one, making a difference with many not-for-profit organizations, schools and anyone who needed help. 

Janice has always given more than she received. All her life she has volunteered for different organizations, Canoe Ontario, the North Bay cross country ski club, Friends of Quetico, the Pictograph Gallery, Beaten Path Nordic trails as well as many more that I can’t remember.

Janice is also responsible for saving lives during her time at Cache Bay, a ranger station in Quetico Provincial Park,  since 1985. This is the first time since she started work as a ranger, that Janice cannot help campers coming into Quetico to be safer and more environmentally responsible as they canoe through Quetico’s vast wilderness.

The following months will be a difficult time for Janice. There will be many health related travel trips to Thunder Bay and possibly elsewhere  for treatment. All of this will require considerable financial cost to Janice and her family. I am asking for anyone who has the ability to please contribute to this gofundme page.

Thank you for assisting Janice and her family during this difficult time.

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