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A Good City to Raise a Kid?

Backpacker Magazine recently published an article about The Best Cities to Raise an Outdoor Kid. I realize the article has to contain real cities with a significant population or the “contest” wouldn’t create enough buzz.  While Duluth and Minneapolis did

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Safety in the Wilderness

Did you know you could light a Frito on fire and it will burn for almost 2 minutes?  I read that in an online article the other day and the kids were thrilled last Friday when we performed the experiment. 

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Quinoa for your next Boundary Waters Trip

Most people have heard of Quinoa but maybe don’t know that it is pronounced Keenwa.  It’s super good for you as it is a complete protein and has lots of fiber and other nutrients.  I always thought it was a

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Sleeping Bag Bliss

For being a Boundary Waters canoe outfitter who spends many nights sleeping outside and camping I’m not a gear junkie.  I did however just purchase two new pieces of camping equipment for my solo hiking adventure on the Superior Hiking

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