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Boundary Waters Closure extended into September

No significant amount of rain has fallen on the Superior National Forest and none of the fires on the forest have been even partially contained. Fire fighting resources are inadequate for the current fires and more fires continue to start.

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Fire at Voyageur on the Gunflint Trail

We all breathed a sigh of relief after receiving much needed rain over the weekend. We felt like it was enough to alleviate a little bit of the fire danger but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The forest is still overwhelmingly

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Small fire in Daniels Lake in the BWCAW

Hopefully the rain we received along with the storm on Friday will lessen the fire danger in the BWCAW.  Until then everyone should use caution with campfires and make sure they are dead out before leaving even if it’s just

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Ham Lake Fire May 25, 2007

5/25 business as usual? Some of you have asked how Voyageur is after the Ham Lake Fire.  A wildfire is an amazing force with a mind of its own.  It is unpredictable and relies on many variables to determine how and where

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Ham Fire May 12, 2007

This entry was actually a second entry on one of the days. It describes in more detail what happened on the 6th of May and into the 7th. the next day Anyone who has been following my blog knows the

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Quetico Park & BWCA Fires

I can’t remember the last time we had such a wet year and I can’t believe a fire would be able to start with all of the rain we have received. Obviously not all parts of the forest have received

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Safety in the Wilderness

Did you know you could light a Frito on fire and it will burn for almost 2 minutes?  I read that in an online article the other day and the kids were thrilled last Friday when we performed the experiment. 

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