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Ice Fishing Fun

Josh got a drone so be prepared to be inundated with footage!

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Canoeist Struck by Turkey?

That isn’t a headline I can say I have seen before.  Near Ely, MN, a wild turkey flew out of the woods and struck a vehicle with a canoe on top of it. The windshield broke and the man thought

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The Rootbeer Lady

I sometimes forget snowmobiles were once allowed in the Boundary Waters or should I say the area that is now the BWCA? I came across an article about the Rootbeer Lady of Knife Lake and it talked about how a

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Prescribed Burn to Wildfire in the BWCA

A wildfire is burning near Burntside Lake outside of Ely, Minnesota. It began as a prescribed burn conducted by the USFS that turned into a wildfire because it jumped the lines. Dry conditions, warm weather, wind and low humidity have

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Snowing and Blowing

It’s been cold and windy the past few days and today it snowed. Thankfully it didn’t stick to the ground but it was depressing just the same. The rain we received along with the wind made some of the ice

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Quetico Park Superintendent Visits Ely

I didn’t make the drive to Ely, MN to listen to the Quetico Park Superintendent but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested to hear what he has to say. In a nutshell, Ely is the gateway to the Quetico Park

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Shoeless and Canoe Less in the Quetico

A portion of the Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario is closed because there is a man out there without shoes and without a canoe. Authorities aren’t giving us much information but they are looking for him and they want to

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Trip to Ely, Minnesota

Yesterday I took a trip to Ely, Minnesota but unfortunately it was in a vehicle instead of a canoe. It’s a bit faster than paddling but not half as enjoyable. If a road stretched from the end of the Gunflint

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Voyageur Crew from Owatonna

I better continue the introductions of our Voyageur Crew 2014 before they depart. We currently have three Voyageur Crew members from Owatonna, Minnesota which is also the hometown of Don Enzenauer who we bought Voyageur from over 20 years ago.

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Meet the Crew at Voyageur

I’m finally getting around to introductions of our Voyageur Crew on the day before two of them depart. Summer has flown by this year and we’re so sad to have two of our females leaving already. Abigail Dickinson is originally

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