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Should wolves be brought to Isle Royale?

It’s a question that is currently being debated. There is a contingency of people who want to continue to study the relationship of moose and wolves on the island. The study has been ongoing since 1958 and researchers would like

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Hungry Like the Wolves

Another tragedy suffered on the Gunflint Trail last week when a cabin owner lost their beloved pet to wolves. His cabin is right on the Trail near Seagull Outfitters where there is still plenty of activity going on.  He got

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Too Many Wolves on the Trail

On the Gunflint Trail we’ve seen the wolf population explode. Yesterday three of them killed Sota, the Gunflint Pines Resort dog in her own front yard.  Imagine not being able to let your dog go outside without having the fear

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No Venison this Year

I can’t say I am upset we won’t have venison to eat this winter, I don’t really like the taste of it. PLEASE don’t tell me when you cook it I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between deer

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Headlines You Might Not See

If you live in the cities then you probably would never see an article like this. Living on the edge of the wilderness I don’t even see an article like this very often. Just thought I would share it with

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Wolves Change Rivers

Someone recently shared this video with me and not only does it have wonderful scenery from Yellowstone National Park it has great wildlife too.  Best of all, I learned something by watching it and I hope you do too.

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Ice Bridge to Isle Royale

It’s happened. An ice bridge has formed from the mainland of Canada out to Isle Royale in Lake Superior. This could be good news for the Isle Royale wolf population or bad news. The population of wolves is very low

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