No Venison this Year

I can’t say I am upset we won’t have venison to eat this winter, I don’t really like the taste of it. PLEASE don’t tell me when you cook it I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between deer meat and beef, that’s like telling me I wouldn’t be able to taste the difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. I have amazingly good taste buds and I can tell you if a bottle of Diet Coke is expired in just one taste.  And yes, no matter how you cook it venison still tastes like venison.

This year Mike’s family spent one of the weekends hunting on the Gunflint Trail. They saw just as many wolves as they did deer and none of the deer had antlers so they couldn’t shoot.  One highlight of the weekend is when Mike’s brother-in-laws’ father was sitting on a chair and heard a sudden noise.  He turned just in time to see a deer come within a foot of running him over. As he toppled over in his chair he saw the reason the deer was in a hurry, a wolf was in hot pursuit. He could also hear another reason nearby in the woods.

I’m not sure the wolves are going to even have venison this winter. There weren’t too many success stories coming from the Gunflint Trail. They may have to eat more moose, I heard they like that better than venison anyway.


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