Why Do You Return to the Wilderness?

The Quetico Superior Foundation asked this question in a recent newsletter.  Among the people who gave an answer was Adam Maxwell. You may remember him as one of our Voyageur Crew members who went on to paddle to Hudson Bay 3 times! He’s someone that obviously can’t get enough of the wilderness and here’s what he replied.

“Escaping to the wilderness has definite impacts on my mental health.  It allows me to refresh and escape from the everyday norms and think about what I truly value. I find this to be especially true of solo travel.  I try to complete at least one solo trip each year to as a way to refresh and reflect.

When in the wilderness life moves slower, we are no longer surrounded by screens and constant stimulus. This forces us to live in the moment, observe our surroundings and focus on our basic needs.”

I return to the wilderness for pretty much the same reason. I return to the BWCA & Quetico Park for the solitude and peacefulness.  It’s a place where I can recharge and relax away from the every day stresses of normal life.

How about you? Why do you return to the wilderness? I’d love to hear your story.

BWCA campsites
Boundary Waters sunset

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