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Happy Earth Day!

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How will you celebrate Earth Day?

This year’s focus on Earth Day is to end plastic pollution. From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is

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Check out our dark sky

It’s time for the Lyrid meteor shower again and we’ve got a great place for you to watch them. No need to paddle a canoe into the middle of a lake to view them, just pull a lawn chair out

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Race to Hudson Bay

PICK ME!!!! Outdoor Channel Announces Casting Call for Daring Wilderness Expedition Series: ‘The Brigade’ “The Brigade” unites 10 strangers who must complete a 2600-mile adventure in 10 weeks – it’s an epic expedition crossing two mountain ranges and five river

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Wind and Waves in Grand Marais

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Not quite a snow day for school

School started two hours late today, the first “snow delay” of the school year. Funny it should come half-way through the month of April. I’m not sure what it looks or sounds like where you live but it looks and

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Still winter on the Gunflint Trail

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Bring shovels

Last week the the baseball and softball coaches asked the players to bring shovels to practice. Since Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate by offering sunshine and warm temperatures drastic measures were needed.  A snowblower was used on the baseball

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Snowy opening game

The first baseball and softball games of Cook County School were played today one hour south in Silver Bay, MN. I don’t know how they got their fields mainly free of snow but they did a good job. They did

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Ore boats, eagles and deer

We’ve made a few trips up and down the north shore the past week and have noticed some things. There’s still quite a bit of snow in the woods but closer to the big lake there’s grass beginning to show.

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