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Advertising the Gunflint Trail

When it’s -20 degrees and blowing on the Gunflint Trail this could be a good way to market January.

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Not the Best News for Winter Lovers

We all know climate change isn’t good and for people who love winter it’s even worse. From the MN Department of Natural Resources Nature Sightings – Winter is Changing! If you grew up in Minnesota, what childhood memories do you

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Winter Storm Strikes

This is why I dislike early summer weather in the great white north. As soon as I commit to embracing the unseasonably warm and wonderful temperatures another snowstorm strikes. Just when I had visions of biking the dry dirt roads

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Smoke over Lake Superior

It’s just another one of Lake Superior’s unique attributes. It’s ever changing beauty intrigues all who see it.  I haven’t seen any steam devils yet this winter but I’m keeping my eyes open in hopes of spotting some. Question of

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Oh Deer

On a recent trip to Duluth, Minnesota on Highway 61 I saw tons of deer.  There were quite a few dead deer on the side of the road and plenty of ones that were alive. It’s been a long winter

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