Campfire Ban & Forest Fire in the BWCA

The forest is dry and yesterday we received news a fire ban would go into effect today. Unfortunately it is a little too late as a fire has been detected near Ogishkemuncie Lake. There are no campfires allowed in the Quetico Park or Boundary Waters Canoe Area at this time. We hope everyone will use extreme caution with open flames whether it’s a cigarette or camp stove. We’re hoping for some rain and a quick extinguishing of this fire.

Superior National Forest Quick Summary
Duluth, Minn., June 13, 20239:30 pm
Incident Name: Spice Lake Fire                 Size: Estimated at 30 acres
Location: Near Spice Lake within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), Superior National Forest, Lake County, Township 65 North, Range 6 West, Section 27
Current Status: Late in the afternoon on June 13th, a wildfire was detected between Spice Lake and Ogishkemuncie Lake in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) on the Gunflint Ranger District of the Superior National Forest. Spice Lake is located east of Knife and Kekekabic Lakes and southwest of Seagull Lake and approximately 10 miles west of the Gunflint Trail. The cause of the fire has not been determined.
An aircraft flight was taken over the fire for a size up of the fire’s activity and location. Active and moderate fire activity was witnessed in a mixed Boreal forest with aspen, pine, and balsam fir tree species. There is also evidence of Spruce Budworm affected trees which means dead down and standing trees which can cause active fire behavior. Fire personnel also looked for public canoe groups on the area lakes and made contact with several groups on Ogishkemuncie Lake and to ensure public safety directed them off the lake to the east.
Fire personnel will fly over the fire again tomorrow morning and are developing a fire suppression plan while ensuring firefighter safety. Additionally, staff will begin working on a public safety plan for the area to ensure public visitors remain safe.
Updates: Additional details will be shared as these plans are developed on Wednesday, June 14.
Fire Supression during Ham Lake Fire