Another Great Hike

I was able to get out into the woods again today.  This time I was in town and had an hour to spare.  I decided to hike the Devil Track River Trail that I had heard about often.  It is part of the Superior National Hiking Trail that extends from somewhere North of Duluth all of the way to the Canadian Border.  This is a wonderful trail as well.  I started out with the intention of making it all of the way to the main river and back in less than an hour, but had to cut it short because of the time.  It is a 2.5 mile trek to the last bridge and the campsites, I had the bridge in sight, but ran out of time.  This is a spectacular trail that meanders alongside creeks and gorges and takes you through wonderful stands of red pines.  If you are ever in the area and find yourself with a couple of extra hours, then I highly recommend taking the time to travel this trail.