Boundary Waters permit time

If you’re like me you have been dreaming about your next Boundary Waters canoe trip since you were on your last Boundary Waters trips. I’m always looking at maps, thinking about routes and wondering when I can paddle and camp next. Now is the time to get serious about planning because beginning at 9:30am Central time on Wednesday, January 31st we can reserve BWCAW permits for the 2024 paddling season.

We suggest making your BWCAW permit reservations as soon as you are able. Gunflint Trail entry point permits don’t get reserved as quickly as some entry points but you never know how long the permits will be available. There are some entry points that are more popular than others and some days of the summer when permits get reserved faster. To have the best success of getting a permit for your trip have a couple of options for entry points and entry dates. Always list an alternate leader or two just in case something comes up and you are unable to go. Remember if you are outfitting with Voyageur Canoe Outfitters then choose us as the permit issuing station so you don’t have to stop at the USFS station in Grand Marais.

Be a good fellow Boundary Waters paddler and only reserve a permit you know you are going to be able to use. If you don’t know your exact dates of your trip then wait to reserve your permit until you do. There are some folks out there who reserve multiple permits for multiple days for the same trip because they don’t know their exact dates and that just causes headaches and heartaches for those who do have their dates set in stone. If you do happen to reserve a permit and you end up not being able to go for those dates then be sure to cancel your permit as soon as possible so someone else can plan their next canoe camping adventure in the BWCAW.