Almost the End

There is a sure sign that the end of the season is near and that is the annual celebration of turning the water off!  This may sound strange but property owners who have buildings that aren’t winterized will understand the ritual.  Our water is drawn from the lake, treated, and then pumped to various locations on both sides of the Seagull River.  There is a network of pipes and pumps to contend with as well as toilets and sinks to deal with.   All of the lines running to various locations on the property must be drained properly or you know it in the Spring.  Cracked pipes and broken valves are what one hopes to eliminate in the process of turning the water off.  This must all be completed before it freezes and we are thankful it has now been done at Voyageur.  You can still come up and paddle, it just means your warm shower at the end of the trip will be taken in the lodge bathroom and not in the bath house.