To Burn or Not To Burn

It is sometimes tempting to burn things other than wood in a campfire, burn barrel, or bonfire but for the environment’s sake I hope you will resist.  When items such as plastic, tinfoil or garbage are burned in an open fire certain toxic chemicals are released into the air.  These pollutants can cause health problems, contaminate soil & water, affect wildlife, and can cause forest fires.  Living 56 miles from the nearest town I know how expensive garbage disposal can be but there are ways to cut costs.  One way to keep the cost of garbage down is to recycle.  We recycle plastic, cardboard, glass, tin, paper, aluminum, printer cartridges, and many other items.  We bring many un-used items to the Recycling Center in Grand Marais and try to keep packaging in mind when making purchases.  There are many people who have compost piles and this is a great way to get rid of food items.  I have to admit I do not have a compost pile for fear of attracting bears and other critters, but I am seriously considering it.  Please do your part in keeping our air, water, and land as clean as it can be and only burn natural materials and wood.  For more information you can check out this website.