Gunflint’s Barbecue

The Sunday Evening Tradition at Gunflint Lodge is the Summer Barbecue.  Each Sunday in the Summer Chef Barry will prepare an awesome assortment of scrumptious items.  We were able to attend last Sunday and had an excellent meal.  My 6 year-old daughter tasted the homemade cornbread and exclaimed, "This cornbread brings joy to my tastebuds."  The ribs and chicken were the favorite of Josh who thought they were done perfectly.  My mother-in-law absolutely loved the creative salads with broccoli, apples, dried cherries and more.  In the past there has always been my favorite cheesy potatoes on the menu at the BBQ, but in place of that Barry prepared a killer macaroni and cheese.  A delicious strawberry shortcake was the perfect way to end a wonderful Barbecue at Gunflint Lodge.  If you are ever up on the Trail on Sunday evenings then don’t miss out on one of the best BBQ’s ever.  Even better, bring Dad up to Gunflint for Father’s Day this Sunday. 

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