Strawberry Moon

June is most commonly referred to as the month of the Strawberry Moon since it is during this month strawberries ripen.  We have tasted our first strawberries of the month and as always they were delicious.  Other names for the month of June include:

  • Rose. I imagine because roses are in bloom during this time.
  • Green Corn.  Hmm, could it be that corn is generally green during this month?
  • Flower. Self-explanatory.
  • Honey. Ditto.
  • Strong Sun. The same.
  • Berry Ripening.  Duh.

I guess there wasn’t too much imagination used to describe the names of the moon.  The flowers are blooming, honey is being made, the sun is hot, and the berries are ripening.  On a recent hike I spied some almost blue blueberries and it’s only June!  Whatever you want to call the month of June, have fun, and be sure to get some paddling in too.