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Moose Rescued on the Gunflint Trail

A moose fell through the ice on Hungry Jack Lake on the Gunflint Trail yesterday. Luckily someone saw it and gathered some folks to respond.  Cabin owners and the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department responded and were able to pull

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Most Moose

I love this time of the year because it is when we see our neighborhood moose the most often. We find them licking salt off of the road! Cassidy and Matt saw these two hanging out the other evening.

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Isle Royale Wolf Intervention

Isle Royale National Park has been studied over the years for the unique predator prey relationship of moose and wolves. In recent years the wolf population has struggled due to inbreeding and the lack of an ice bridge during winters

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Moose Party by David Johnson

I love these photos! He has videos on Facebook too if you are interested.  

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Hungry Like the Wolves

Another tragedy suffered on the Gunflint Trail last week when a cabin owner lost their beloved pet to wolves. His cabin is right on the Trail near Seagull Outfitters where there is still plenty of activity going on.  He got

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Another Nice Moose Opportunity

Thanks for sharing your photos David Johnson!

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Moose in the Boundary Waters

Here’s a nice video our guest Ryan Stopera shared with us from his time in the Boundary Waters off of the Gunflint Trail. BWCA from Ubuntu Media Productions on Vimeo.

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Moose on a Misty Morning

Here’s a great video captured by our towboat drivers on their way out to Saganaga Lake on a recent misty morning.  Thanks for sharing!

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Moose Riders in Canada Caught

When I see videos like the one below I get really upset. The good news is the people who were harassing the moose will be going to court in August. After a year long investigation the suspects were found and

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Now You See Moose Now You Don’t?

Somehow I missed something earlier this month regarding our moose population. It turns out a petition sent to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last year has them investigating whether or not our moose should be placed on the Endangered

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