Moose Hit and Killed by Two Vehicles on the Gunflint Trail

I hate to hear about the death of a moose but thankfully neither of the drivers of the two separate vehicles that hit the moose were injured. The first local driver hit the moose on the evening of the 18th. He then proceeded to Grand Marais and reported the incident to the Law Enforcement Center letting them know the moose was still alive.

A Gunflint Trail resident then came upon the moose and while contacting the Sheriff’s Office to let them know a moose was lying in the road another vehicle struck and killed the moose. The driver was from St. Paul and said he didn’t see the moose because of the lights of an oncoming vehicle.

It’s scary to think of someone driving who isn’t able to see a moose lying down on the road right in front of them.  Hopefully the man gets his eyes checked or slows down the next time he’s on the Gunflint Trail.

It’s a good reminder to drive slowly and keep your eyes open for wildlife or anything else that might be on the road.

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