Moose Survives Wolf Attack

When I watched this video I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be and I was scared for the moose the entire time. I want you to be able to enjoy the video without worry hence the title of today’s blog.

It’s an impressive video and the one word I thought to myself as the wolf continued to pursue the moose was relentless. Determined would be another word to describe the wolf. The moose was obviously healthy as it was able to defend itself against one wolf. Thankfully it wasn’t an entire pack of wolves hunting or it could have been a different outcome.

At a couple of points in the video the animals seemed to detect the drone. It’s amazing the videos drones can capture. In the comments of the video some people were critical of the person flying the drone. I’m not sure what I think but I could see myself using the drone to attempt to protect the moose!

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