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Lots of Attention for Lake Superior

This year Lake Superior is receiving a lot of attention. From precipitation to water level to the amount of ice cover and the Apostle Island area ice cave adventures have been constant themes in blogs and news reports almost all

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Nose Hair Freezing Weather

When it’s -19 degrees actual temperature with a -35 degree wind chill that is what I call “nose hair freezing weather.” That’s what we’ve been experiencing on the Gunflint Trail this past week. Even in balmy Grand Marais where Lake

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Impaired Water in Minnesota

It sounds silly to me to call water impaired. It makes me think the water has alcohol in it or trouble hearing.  What it really means is there is something in the water that affects the water quality such as

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Northern Lights Above Lake Superior

Here’s an awesome video of the northern lights over Lake Superior.  

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Colors are Coming to the North Shore

The Gunflint Trail is always beautiful but it isn’t the best place to see the fall colors in Northeastern Minnesota.  The majority of our trees have needles instead of leaves so there aren’t too many different colors to see. We

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