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The Superior Lake

It’s awesome to live so close to Lake Superior. It’s a beautiful, clean lake that looks different on any given day. Sometimes it’s calm, sometimes it’s choppy, some days it looks blue, other days it looks grey, it rarely looks

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Crashing Waves in Grand Marais

When the wind blows in Grand Marais it’s fun to feel the spray or splash! Abby took some photos of me, the big lake and me enjoying the big lake.

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Keeping Cool

It has been hot outside. Keeping cool is important and the best way to cool off is by spending time in cold water. The lakes of the Boundary Waters are the perfect temperature for swimming right now. While Lake Superior

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Swimming in Lake Superior

Abby went for a dip in Lake Superior already this year. A little chilly but not as chilly as it usually is this time of the year or compared to last year.  There aren’t too many days of the year

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Making the North Shore Even More Beautiful

It looks like the US Forest Service is going to make our beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior even more beautiful with their newest project.  Read their press release for details.   Natural Resource Conservation Service and Forest Service Team

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Smoke over Lake Superior

It’s just another one of Lake Superior’s unique attributes. It’s ever changing beauty intrigues all who see it.  I haven’t seen any steam devils yet this winter but I’m keeping my eyes open in hopes of spotting some. Question of

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Mighty Lake Superior

Someone shared this neat graphic and information with me so I thought I would share it with all of you. LAKE SUPERIOR FACTS Lake Superior contains ten percent of all the fresh water on the planet Earth. It covers 82,000

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Cairn or No Cairn?

Have you ever built a rock cairn? I personally do not have the patience to build a rock cairn myself but many people do. On Artist Point in Grand Marais there are a bunch of rock cairns people have made.

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When the Wind Blows

I have a feeling when the wind blows off of Lake Superior this summer it’s going to be cold. The ice coverage on the Great Lakes has been the talk of the winter and for good reason. The lakes reached

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Winter in Grand Marais

The ice caves at the Apostle Islands received a ton of press and visitors this winter.  I didn’t make it out to see them but I did see lots of beautiful photos of them.  Luckily our shoreline of Lake Superior

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