Lake Superior News

There always seems to be news about Lake Superior. I guess that is what happens when you have such a big and “great” lake in your backyard.

Remember the ship that had been detained in Duluth? It was finally able to leave on Friday, December 18th after spending over 6 weeks in the harbor. No new details about the pollution allegations have been reported but at least the people on the ship will be able to get home to their families.

Are you familiar with microbeads? They are found in facial scrubs and other things such as cosmetics and toothpaste. They are too small to get caught in water filtration systems and they don’t break down so they remain in the Great Lakes. According to a news article the microbeads absorb toxic chemicals, such as heavy metals and pesticides and then fish eat them thinking they are food. The toxic chemicals are then passed on to the people who eat the fish.  Thankfully some companies have quit using the microbeads voluntarily and hopefully a new law will be passed that will ban the use across the US.

“The Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, would implement a time table for companies across the country to establish a definition of microbeads, and to set uniform dates for the prohibition of manufacture and sale of products that contain microbeads.”

Let’s hope the law is passed so we can help prevent pollution and keep fish from the Great Lakes safe for human consumption.

Lastly Lake Superior is warming up at a faster rate than other lakes and oceans across the world. According to a recent study even a small increase in the temperature of lakes can be very detrimental. Warmer temperatures cause algae blooms that are toxic to aquatic life.  It can also cause lower water levels and the increase in exotic species. If we could stop the warming trend then that would be great.

I’m sure there’s more Lake Superior news but that’s all I have for today.

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