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That’s Shitty

I usually don’t swear in a blog post but all of the titles I came up with worked better with some form of the word “shit.” I apologize if I offended you but since I too was offended by shit

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Hammock Time in the Quetico Park

Hammocks are a necessity when I go camping in the Quetico Park, Boundary Waters or anywhere for that matter. They make camp life so much more comfortable and enjoyable. I love sleeping in my Crazy Creek Crib but I hate

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Bright Lights in the Boundary Waters

While out canoe camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness you don’t expect to see bright lights. That’s what makes camping in a wilderness area all the more fun. However, there are some instances when you might see some

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Camp Coffee

Here’s something to replace your Folgers Coffee Singles on your next BWCA camping trip.  Place a scoop of coffee grounds into a coffee filter and tie it up with dental floss. When you’re ready to brew, just make it like

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October in the BWCA

It’s been a few years since I’ve camped in the BWCA in October. I recently had the opportunity to spend a few nights in the Boundary Waters and as usual it was wonderful. It was just Rugby and me for

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You’re Not Going Camping Memorial Weekend

Whether you didn’t have time to get your gear together or you couldn’t find anyone to go with you the fact remains, you’re not going camping this Memorial Weekend. That would be sad but I’m here to tell you it

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Ecotherapy Go Play in the Dirt

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a prescription to get outside and play in the dirt? If you live in Washington, DC and visit pediatrician Robert Zarr you might just get a prescription to visit a park.  According to this

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One Night in the BWCA

Is it worth it to go out camping in the Boundary Waters if you only have one night? For those of us who have very little time and live right next door to the BWCA the answer is a resounding,

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Father Son Canadian Kayak Trip

There aren’t too many things more memorable than a father son trip. This duo made memories while on a wilderness kayak trip into Northern Light Lake in Canada.  It’s just one portage out of Saganaga Lake and the perfect destination

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Welcome Rain on the Gunflint Trail

In the past 24 hours we’ve received almost 1.5″ of rain. The rain was much needed as the land was parched. Fire is a four letter “F” word we don’t like to mention around here. We’ve been fortunate to not

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