School is Almost Out for Summer

Two more days of school and the year will be over. The kids couldn’t be happier. The mom, the creature of habit mom, is a little bit apprehensive. The summer is filled with activities from concerts to camps and time etched out for relatives and BWCA trips. Trying to find a few days when the whole family is together can sometimes be challenging. That’s why it is important to get the BWCA trip on the calendar and then work around it. Nothing to get in the way of family time in the BWCA.


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Voyageur Crew does Double Duty

When you are a member of the Voyageur Crew it is a given that you will end up pulling double duty. Whether it’s volunteering for the Mush for a Cure, Ham Run Half-Marathon or planting trees there is something you will end up doing that doesn’t necessarily fit your job description. Many times it is for non-profit entities but it doesn’t seem to matter, our Voyageur Crew is always willing to help out wherever help is needed.

Today it was in town at the Voyageur Brewing Company in Grand Marais, Minnesota.  The glamorous job of brewing beer never seems to highlight the cleaning of kegs and that is what one of our Voyageur Canoe Outfitter crew members did for more than 8 hours today. Another Voyageur crew member helped build an area for materials that can be recycled. Even though they had to drive over an hour each way they did their tasks with a smile on their faces.

Tony and Hannah deserve all of the Kudos for a job well done in hiring our flexible, top-notch crew members of Voyageur Canoe Outfitters who will do whatever they need to do no matter where they have to do it. Thanks VCO crew members, you are the best!

Hard working Voyageur Crew

Voyageur Working Crew

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Fishing in the Dark

Mike and I decided to try our luck at fishing last night. I can’t tell you the last time the two of us went fishing from a motor boat together, but maybe after you read this you’ll know why it’s been so long.  The problem with going fishing is you have to get everything ready to go fishing and trying to do that at the same time as you’re trying to run a resort and outfitter can be a big challenge.

Mike has so many different tackle boxes and rubbermaids literally filled with lures, hooks, weights, reels, line, etc.  It’s much easier for him to go into the store and grab what he needs than it is to search through all of the different boxes.  Hence the reason for multiple boxes. But of course, not one of those boxes contained the lures he was looking for and last night even our store wasn’t stocked with what he wanted.

Then there’s the matter of finding a rod with a good reel on it. Josh has a tendency of taking our fishing poles and not taking good care of them.  Mike likes to take the reels off of the rods when he portages them. There’s a reel in every box, a box with reels in it but rarely a rod with a reel on it.  He did find two but when I asked him if he had put new line on it a noise that didn’t sound like “Yes, dear.” came out of his mouth.

The depth finder was sitting on the shelf where I placed it last fall and Mike easily found it there. But it wasn’t easy to get it hooked up for some reason and we spent quite a bit of time with Mike on the bottom of the boat trying to get it working while still at the dock.

How about the BWCA permit? Thank goodness for Tony who noticed Mike didn’t grab it and was bringing it out to the dock for us. And a needle nose pliers?  “You mean to tell me you don’t have a needle nose in your boat?” Another inaudible answer out of Mike’s mouth and then a request to Tony, “Could you please go and get me a needle nose from the store and bring it down here?”

“Do you have oars in the boat?”  Mike grabbed some from the shore and thirty minutes after getting into the boat to go we were finally pulling away from the dock. “Yes, we have lights.” And he did have our fishing licenses and a little bit of bug spray left in the bottom of the boat from last year.  We had life vests on and were good to go.

I wish I could say all of the trouble was worth the reward of catching tons of walleye but I can’t.  I can say we couldn’t keep the northern pike off of our lures and the smallmouth bass loved them too.  Not a single walleye was interested in our lures.

But of course, the fishing trip isn’t all about catching fish. It’s about listening to the loons sing, watching a bald eagle soar through the sky and seeing the sun dip beneath the horizon as the sky turns pink.

It would have been much easier to skip the fishing part altogether or have me get my boat ready to go fishing, but that wouldn’t have created a blog worthy story now would it?

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80 Degree Day on the Gunflint Trail

Yesterday’s temperature soared up to 80 degrees and it was wonderful. I can’t remember a Memorial Weekend where we have had such beautiful weather.  The lake has been calm, the sun shining and the temperature warm.  An added bonus to this terrific weather is the lack of bugs. I haven’t been bitten by anything yet and I really haven’t seen any bugs.  To make things even better our guests paddling the BWCA and staying at Voyageur are catching fish!

It’s been an amazing weekend made even better by the awesome Voyageur Crew. We’ve got a wonderful crew hired by Tony and Hannah this winter and they are just waiting to serve you. They are enthusiastic, energetic and fun to be around and I can’t wait for you to meet them. Hopefully you have a trip planned for the summer or are in the process of planning one. It’s going to be a great summer and we want to make sure you make it even better by visiting us at Voyageur.

BWCA permits

Boundary Waters

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What’s That You See Swimming?

Our guests have been having lots of wildlife sightings on their Boundary Waters canoe trips so far this season. It’s easy to recognize a moose standing on the shoreline or a bear climbing up a tree but when these animals are swimming it isn’t quite as easy.  It takes the mind a minute or two to compute that the head bobbing in the water is not a loon or a duck but a bear.  Our guests have reported seeing swimming bears, moose, wolves and of course the normal loons and ducks.  It’s so exciting to see one of those “big” animals and especially so when they are in the water.

Moose sightings on land have been frequent on the Gunflint Trail too. We have our neighborhood moose at the end of the Trail, one with a brand new calf.  Guests have spotted moose mid-trail and elsewhere on the Gunflint and it’s always a highlight of their trip.

I still love seeing moose and it’s a highlight of my day when I see them,  I don’t think I will ever grow tired of it.  Pretty soon you’ll be seeing people swimming too, but not me for a week or two.

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Northern Lights in the Boundary Waters

Things are wonderful at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters and the end of the Gunflint Trail. We’ve got guests paddling the BWCA, fishing on Saganaga and enjoying area hiking trails and we have a wonderful summer crew to serve them.  They have all been out enjoying the Boundary Waters on their days off and on a recent trip Evan, back for his third year, took some amazing photos of the northern lights. Enjoying the northern lights in the Boundary Waters? It just doesn’t get much better than that.

BWCA Northern Lights

Evan Gates

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Swimming in Lake Superior

Abby went for a dip in Lake Superior already this year. A little chilly but not as chilly as it usually is this time of the year or compared to last year.  There aren’t too many days of the year I feel like jumping into Lake Superior and Sunday, May 17th when she jumped in definitely wasn’t one of those days.

Lake Superior Water Temperatures

Lake Superior Water temperatures


On May 17, 2015 Lake Superior had an average surface water temperature of 37.7 degrees. This is 2.5 degrees warmer than May 17, 2014 and 0.8 degrees warmer than the 20-year average.


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Memorial Weekend Forecast

I hope you are planning to visit the Gunflint Trail this weekend and of course us at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters too.  The forecast looks like the best weather ever for Memorial Weekend.  With sunshine, highs in the 70′s, very small chance of precipitation and just a breeze for wind the conditions for paddling are going to be perfect.

Some of our Voyageur Crew is out taking advantage of the beautiful weather already.  Hannah took a new crew member into the BWCA today and tomorrow Tony will venture out on a trip too.  It’s such a great time to be out in the woods. Very few people, not many bugs and plenty of fish to be caught! It just doesn’t get much better than this.

Boundary Waters

Gunflint Trail


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Snow Day in May?

We received just a dusting of the white stuff on May 19th at Voyageur Canoe Outfitters.  It disappeared quickly as the temperature made it’s way into the 50′s.  Most people camping in the Boundary Waters would rather not wake up to snow on their tent in the morning but as long as it warms up in the afternoon I’d rather have snow than rain on my canoe trip.

BWCA canoe trip with snow

Voyageur Canoe Outfitters

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Canoe Trip Plans

When are you paddling the Boundary Waters? I have a couple of trips I’m wanting to take this summer; one with my family and one with my son and his friend.  Of course my son and his friend think they should be able to canoe and camp in the BWCA by themselves since they are 14 years-old now.  The  problem with that is as soon as I let them go out alone then I’ll never be needed or welcome on their trip again.

I obviously can’t let them go out on their own this year, or next and possibly not until they are 21 or older. I need to accompany them for their sake and mine!

Canoe camping in the BWCA

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

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