Winter Driving

     I don’t mind driving in the winter and it doesn’t scare me to drive on slippery roads during a snowstorm.  What scares me is watching how other people drive during a winter snowstorm.

     We spend a fair amount of time driving in winter conditions so I think we get accustomed to it.  We know when to drive the Suburban and use the 4-wheel drive.  There are other people, south of Grand Marais, that should not be driving when it is snowing.  These are the same people who are attempting to talk on the phone while attempting to drive during a snowstorm.  Their cars are small, no four wheel drive, no front wheel drive and no tread left on their tires.  They spin out of control whenever they touch the gas or the brakes and can’t keep their front end heading down the road first. 

     These people should call a friend for a ride or stay home for the safety of everyone.  We happened to be in Duluth during a blizzard and watched with amazement as one after another cars sped out of control.  The ditches were filled with cars and the roadways were lit up by the lights of all of the tow trucks.  This is what I call scary since there is no way to control how another person drives.

     Luckily for these people it looks like it will be a long winter.  They will have plenty of time to practice up on their winter driving skills and I’ll know better than to head south during a snowstorm!