Looking at a Winter Wonderland

     I don’t know why I would want to get up off of my couch when the view from where I sit is so good.  Just outside my window the bird feeders are as busy as the runways at O’Hare.  But instead of airplanes landing I watch all types of birds glide in for a quick snack at the feeders.  

<%image(20071202-grosbeaksm.jpg|300|329|Pine Grosbeak)%>

  I can see and hear the birds as they flitter to and fro all day long.  There are a number of different species that eat the sunflower seeds, suet cakes and other bird feed that we put outside.  The kids love to see the Pine Grosbeaks and the male’s beautiful red plumage against the white snow. Mike gets excited when he sees the Downy Woodpeckers hanging on the suet cage and I rather like the Nuthatches.  Of course there are plenty of chickadees and whiskey jacks getting their fill of seed too.  My cat Lanie and even my dog Rugby like to sit by the window and watch all of the activitiy in the air.

<%image(20071202-downy.jpg|230|338|Downy Woodpecker)%>

    I always feel bad when I have to go outside to shovel the deck and disrupt their feeding.  That’s why I like to do my shoveling at night so the birds can get their fill of easy food during the daytime.  They need all of that energy to survive through the night and the cold temperatures.  That way they will be all rested when I find myself staring outside my window again tomorrow.