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Kadunce River Rescue

When we finally heard voices we were ecstatic and relieved. We couldn’t hear what they were saying very well over the loud sound of the waterfall but we were able to communicate to them that we needed to be rescued.

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Devil’s Kettle Waterfall

The waterfalls of the North Shore have plenty of water going over them. With recent rains the flow hasn’t slowed at all.  

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Waterfalls and More on the North Shore

If you’ve ever driven up the North Shore then you know what an awesome place it is.  All of the State Parks, hiking trails, scenic vistas and of course waterfalls that line the road make it a spectacular trip. This

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Another Ten Bites the Dust

Happiness is checking things off of your Bucket List. I was able to check 10 things off of my list the other day. Ten miles off of my “Hike the Superior Hiking Trail” Bucket List item.  I have less than

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