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Kadunce River Interpretive Trail

If you haven’t been reading the stories about our Kadunce River experience then this blog won’t make too much sense. Either skip reading it or go back and read the other three blogs first.   The overwhelming feeling of embarassment

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Kadunce River Rescue

When we finally heard voices we were ecstatic and relieved. We couldn’t hear what they were saying very well over the loud sound of the waterfall but we were able to communicate to them that we needed to be rescued.

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Humble Pie Second Helpings

It was a beautiful day on the river with the sun shining and temperature warm. The water felt warm on our feet and we gladly waded in water up to our waists to get from one falls to another. It

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A Delicious Humble Pie

This week I had a taste of humble pie. Well, maybe it was more like an entire humble pie? Not with whip cream on top but with a huge scoop of embarassment on top. Instead of the feeling of an

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Keeping Cool

It has been hot outside. Keeping cool is important and the best way to cool off is by spending time in cold water. The lakes of the Boundary Waters are the perfect temperature for swimming right now. While Lake Superior

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Good Times Near Grand Marais

There are plenty of outdoor activities to find around Grand Marais. Some involve a car ride but others you can get to with just two wheels of the bicycle kind.  Josh and his friend Ben enjoy fishing and I don’t

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