Waterfalls and More on the North Shore

If you’ve ever driven up the North Shore then you know what an awesome place it is.  All of the State Parks, hiking trails, scenic vistas and of course waterfalls that line the road make it a spectacular trip. This time of year is especially amazing because of all of the water rushing towards Lake Superior.

The rivers & creeks are swollen with water and the waterfalls are majestic. Some of these masterpieces are right next to the road and require very little hiking if any.  Others require a small trek but most are quite accessible and easy to reach. It’s worth taking a drive up the North Shore even if you can only spend a night. You can easily stop at a hand full of them in the same day and then hit more on the way home if you want.

Yesterday I made a trip down to Silver Bay, MN and much to my surprise I saw a moose! I have only seen 1 other moose on Highway 61 in the 20 plus years I’ve lived up here. It caught me by surprise and I found myself pulling over to get my camera out. It is much more common to see other wildlife like deer, bald eagles, wolves and the occasional bear.

There’s lots to see on the North Shore and don’t forget about all of the great shops and restaurants. And if you’re up in this neck of the woods, make the trip to see us at Voyageur too.

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