Still Paddling

     The flu bug isn’t the only bug that’s out there right now.  There’s another one, much more serious, called the paddling bug.  I’m not sure how or why people have it so late in the season this year as it is usually only bad in the spring and summer months up here.

     We just heard from a past guest who wants to come up paddling yet this week.  It’s November and the weather really isn’t that nice.  I guess it’s the allure of the wilderness and solitude the BWCA offers a person.  It just keeps calling out to people in spite of the fact the lakes will soon be solid. 

     There’s one thing about all of this that makes me chuckle.  It isn’t a bad thing, it’s something that’s been engrained into our brains since we always feel like we’re getting taken advantage of by businesses.  What I find funny is when people ask if there are any specials or discounts at this late time in the season. 

     Maybe it isn’t funny to everyone but it is to people who own resorts or outfitters.  I want to respond, "Special?  Yeah, sure, there’s a special, it’s called I’m still willing to let you walk on my property to get to the water and if you promise not to stop and talk then I’ll even rent you a canoe." 

     Or another response that pops into my sarcastic pea-sized brain is, "A deal?  Yep, here’s the deal. We have one employee on staff left and it’s her day off.  I really don’t feel like messing with a rental right now since all of my canoes are put away for the season.  So, the deal is,  I’m going to charge you double the normal price for proper incentive for me to get off of my tired butt to serve you when you get here."  Do I sound like I’m related to that comical lady Maxine or do I just sound like an ungrateful prick?

     I don’t mean to be ungrateful and I’m very happy to serve guests whenever they decide to come and visit.  It’s just sometimes these thoughts enter my brain and I just have to chuckle.  Maybe there’s a bug in my brain.