You Old Bag

   That’s better than being called a new bag if you’re trying to be green.  Gone are the days of brown paper bags for packing lunches.  Most people are pretty good about using a lunch box or bag and I guess my dad was being green years ago without even knowing it when he packed his lunch in the old black metal lunch box everyday.  What people need to be concerned with now is how they pack what’s inside of the box.

     I admit it, I love Ziplocs and I hate to wash and re-use them.  Why not just use a bowl if you’re going to go through the hassle of washing and re-using it?  I can’t keep Ziplocs in my cupboards or I will reach for them when I’m in a hurry to pack a lunch or snack for the kids.  I have purchased reusable containers that I can wash and I try to buy things in bulk to repackage myself.  How about you?  Got any secrets or tips?  Here are some from

Excuse us, but do you want to pack your sandwiches in something a little healthier? Apologies – we mean instead of in conventional plastic baggies. Opt for reusable food bags made with safe plastics or cotton. No problem.

·     Since they’re only manufactured once, the production of one reusable bag creates fewer emissions and uses much less oil than plastic bags.

·                   Stay on the safe side: While most baggies are made from relatively safe polyethylene plastic, plastic does migrate onto food. These ones are free of the hormone-disrupting BPA and phthalates found in some food containers.

·                   It’s forgiving for your wallet, since you can use our picks hundreds of times, making them cheaper than plastic bags.

·                   Reusable bags won’t quickly end up in landfills like their disposable counterparts, which are so compacted with other trash that they take thousands of years to break down.

·                   You can toss these in the dishwasher or washing machine for easy cleaning.

We pack our lunches in an assortment of aluminum foil, reusable containers, as well as the below…occasionally giving the office at midday a grade-school cafeteria vibe.

·                   Plum Creek Mercantile Snack Bags – cotton bags with secure Velcro-type closures; good for nondrippy snacks (think pretzels); in solids, stripes, and prints; three sizes ($18/3). Enter the code IB20 during checkout to get 20% off. Offer ends Nov. 11.

·                   3greenmoms Lunch Skins – thick cotton sandwich-size bags in colorful, mod-ish prints with moisture-proof coating and Velcro-type closure for tight seal. Also: animal and fruit prints ($8-$9).

·                   SnackTaxi Snack Sacks – sandwich-size, reusable cotton pouch with waterproof nylon lining; kid-friendly prints like frogs and rockets ($7-$9).

·                   Wrap-N-Mat – washable, reusable sandwich wrap and place mat; with kid-friendly prints like cowboy boots and balloons ($8).

·                   Acme Bags Snack Bags – organic cotton with wide, drawstring closures ($3).

Ziploc Evolve Sandwich Bags – if you’re stuck on plastic, Ziploc’s new line’s made using 25% less plastic and with wind power. Packaged in 100% recycled cardboard ($3/50).