Something’s Gotta Give

     My loyal readers probably have noticed I am having difficulties trying to keep up with everything these days; hence the lateness of my blog.  Mike says I bite off more than I can chew, but I tell him that isn’t true, I chew everything, I just don’t have time to swallow all of it.  I’ve been feeling tired lately so I made an appointment with my Dr.

     Yesterday was a little hectic as most days tend to be.  Up at 5:30, get the kids showered, dressed, fed and out to the bus by 6:30.  Come back home, check email, reserve a permit, answer the phone, work on insurance for Mush for a Cure, send pictures for the Ham Run ad, put away my fire training workbook from Tuesday night, call someone about the School Board, shower and head for town by 10am.  Stop at the snow carvings, take pictures and get into town by 11:30 for lunch buddies.(A special mentoring program I participate in every other Wednesday with 2nd grade students).  Then I stuck around and read to Abby’s class and worked on the School Site Council meeting.  We brought hockey equipment to a friends, got bus passes for the kids and then had the Site Council meeting at 3:15pm.  By the time I got to my doctor’s appointment at 4:30 I was a little fatigued.

     I told my doctor about the symptoms I was experiencing; fatigue mainly and being really tired.  I have hypothyroidism so I thought something might be up with that, but my numbers were fine.  My doctor asked me how many hours of sleep I get a night, "Hhmmmmm, I’m usually asleep by midnight."  Then she asked what time I get up at.  Then she proceeded to ask questions about down time and relaxing.  I told her I usually sit on the couch at night and work on my laptop.  Then she said, "No, I mean relax."  I said I was pretty relaxed sitting there with her and I thought I could just schedule an appointment each week for a half an hour break.  She thought I should maybe give some thing up, like maybe I was doing too much.

     What could I give up?  I love spending time in the classroom with the kids and being a lunch buddy.  PTA is very rewarding and I get to spend time with some great moms.  The Gunflint Trail Volunteer FIre Department needs First Responders and fire fighters so it’s kind of like a civic duty to belong.  I’ve been helping with Winter Tracks since the beginning and really enjoy it.  Mush for a Cure is just around the corner and there’s lots to be done.  The Ham Run is like my baby so I couldn’t give that up.  It’s important to know what’s happening with the School Board so I should go to those meetings.  The kids have to be at hockey, piano, girl scouts, birthday parties, school, etc.  I have to do the blog, email newsletters, answer inquiries, process reservations, clean the cabins and the other Voyageur stuff because no one else is going to do it.  Then there’s the dishes, I try to ignore them but then I run out of cereal bowls and this morning the kids had to use baby spoons so I had to wash the dishes.  What could I possibly leave out?

     I don’t know, but I guess something’s gotta give or I have to say, "Uncle" or something, because my doctor said there isn’t a pill she can give me and there is no other cure out there.  So, I’m not sure what is going to give and I don’t have time to figure it out because the kids need help with their homework, supper needs to be put on the table and I need to interview a potential employee before I sit down and relax on the couch and answer email and…