Winter Wildlife

     I’m not sure why it is but people see more wildlife snowmobiling than I do snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.  It seems strange animals stick around since you can hear a snowmobile coming from a long ways away but the fact is they do.

    The other day Mike and Josh were out for a ride and were treated to some great animal encounters.  They came over a top of a hill and saw a Canadian Lynx standing right on the trail.  It stopped to look at them, perhaps out of curiosity, then ambled into the woods.  They investigated the tracks and saw some snowshoe hare tracks nearby, no doubt what the lynx was looking for.  A neighbor reported seeing three lynx on a different trail.  It was a mother lynx and two smaller ones, probably last year’s kittens.  I would have loved to see that.  Mike and Josh also saw two wolves on the same day crossing Saganaga Lake.  What awesome wildlife encounters.

     I guess I will have to get out and do some more snowmobiling although I do get to see alot of wildlife as I drive down the Gunflint Trail; fox, deer, rabbits, wolves and lots of moose.  What a wonderful place to live.