Quetico Fly-In Trip

Have you ever wanted to take a Quetico Park fly-in canoe trip?  Now might be just the right time to give it a try.  Due to low water levels on the Greenwood River the Quetico Park will consider an alternate drop-off point for those people who reserve the Mack Lake Entry Point, a fly-in only permit.  The normal drop off for this fly-in permit is into Clay Lake.  Once paddlers land in Clay they must make their way through the winding, log jammed, beaver damned, Greenwood River to the Wawiag River.  The travel on the Wawiag is considerably easier than the Greenwood and paddlers head toward one of the favorite Quetico Park destinations, Kawnipi Lake.  Most people are willing to endure almost anything to get to Kawnipi because it is such a beautiful lake with awesome fishing.  Now there is an easier way to get there.  Reserve one of the 2 permits available for entry each day and contact the Quetico Park to discuss the opportunity to land in the East Bay of Mack Lake.  From Mack you can paddle up Mack Creek and go directly into the Wawiag without having to paddle the Greenwood.  This is an opportunity that will only last as long as conditions are dry, if the Greenwood Creek becomes passable then it will be back to the challenging navigation of the creek.  The Quetico Park would like people to consider the option of landing in Ross Lake which is south of both Clay and Mack.  They fear this route may be too difficult for people to do and I can understand why…  From Ross you would portage into Cullen via the  300 rod or so Cullen Lake Portage and then another portage into Monroe, of about 30-40 rods, and yet another 150 rod hilly portage into Mack.  So we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and let us help you plan a Quetico Fly-In adventure today.