A Boundary Waters Necessity

There is one item I refuse to leave at home when I’m going on a canoe camping trip in the Boundary Waters, my hammock.  A hammock makes life at camp so comfortable you never want to leave.  Suspended between two trees, looking up towards the big blue sky you feel as if you are a part of nature itself.  We love our Crazy Crib by Crazy Creek that you can use as a regular hammock or zip it up and put the rain fly over it to use it as a tent.  To make it even more cozy you can lay a therm-a-rest pad in the bottom of it, believe me, you won’t want to get out.  Abby, my six-year old daughter, asked her dad,  "Is that all mom does when she’s camping is lay around and read?"  According to Mike he did not prompt her to say this and he claims to have defended me by saying something like, "When we’re at home mom does most of the work so when we go camping I do the cooking and dishes 

<%image(20060708-sueham.jpg|300|450|boundary waters hammock)%>

because I enjoy it."  In any case, I do enjoy my time in the hammock and I will continue to bring it along on all of my Boundary Waters Adventures.