Boundary Water Light Shows

My favorite light show in the Boundary Waters are the Northern Lights.  When they come out and dance across the sky it is one of the most awe inspiring things to see.  This 4th of July as Mike and I sat by the campfire on Pine Lake not only did we see the Northern Lights but also fireworks.  Mike and I have been married for 14 years and while we occasionally still see fireworks when we’re together the ones we saw on the 4th were actual ones shot off by a group camping across the lake from us, in the Boundary Waters.  I had to wonder what those people were thinking when they brought fireworks into the BWCA.  The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is where people are suppose to come to enjoy the peace, quiet, and solitude of the northwoods and where minimum impact camping not only means respecting nature but also other visitors to the area.  Fireworks are illegal in the BWCA as well as on any public or federal land.  Along with the fact fireworks are illegal is the fact they can easily start a forest fire or cause serious injury and even death to people shooting them off.  Where we were camped was a good 2 hour paddle and a 20 minute drive just to get to a telephone and then another 20 minute drive to get to a hospital.  As outfitters we urge our guests to use common sense while out in the wilderness and to be extra careful to prevent injury because help is a long ways away.  Thankfully the law breaking, disrespectful campers did not get hurt while shooting off their fireworks, but it did make smoke come out of my ears.  Each year around the 4th of July wilderness travelers make a choice whether to paddle the Boundary Waters where it is less busy than normal or stay home and go to a picnic, parade or fireworks.  I urge all people to respect other wilderness travelers and leave radios, barking dogs, 2-way radios and especially fireworks at home.

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