Jobs to Do



 Some of you regular readers may have noticed I’m a little bit slower than normal in publishing my blogs.  I’m really busy this time of the year with my main job, being a mom. 

     Yesterday I was able to go along on Abby’s field trip.  It was a trip up to Grand Portage to visit the Fort, the Museum, grade school and take a hike to the High Falls.  I’m embarassed to admit I had never been to the Fort and the museum had just opened up so it was new to me.  It was very interesting to learn more about the history of the area with the fur traders and Voyageurs.  We even learned about the art of making birch bark canoes and I had to laugh when one of the kids raised their hand to say, "We have a canoe."  I nudged Abby and said, "You should tell him how many canoes we have!"  Thank Goodness she hasn’t inherited all of my sarcasm and snappiness.

     The best part of the day was the hike to the High Falls.  This is a very easy hike on a paved trail and it  takes you to the highest waterfalls in Minnesota.  The Pigeon River flows out to Lake Superior and there was plenty of water flowing yesterday.  It was surprising how many of the kids in Abby’s class hadn’t visited the falls or hiked for that matter.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time with Abby’s class and the field trip was a blast. 

<%image(20080529-abbfallssm.jpg|300|244|High Falls at Pigeon River)%>

  Today I have to report to work again but this time as Josh’s Mom.  He has a field trip today that is a walking tour of Grand Marais.  We’ll visit the Heritage Museum and some other historical places in town.  The kids in his class are always fun to be around so I am excited about that little adventure later on.

     For now I have to work at my part time job, Voyageur.  I cooked some breakfast for staff and guests today, am doing laundry, answering the phone, checking e-mail and making sure the bunks and cabins are clean.  We have some trips to pack as well as our building project so there’s plenty to do before I go and plenty will be waiting for me when I get home.  I really enjoy my part time job too!

     So, if I’m a little late in posting my blog, don’t worry, I’m having fun there’s just too many jobs and too little time to do them in.  I’m sure you can relate.