New Moose on the Block

     We’re happy to report a moose calf was born somewhere around Sag Lake Trail recently.  The first sighting was earlier this week by the Browns down the river.  Diane shot a great picture of Missy the Moose and Maxie her new calf. 

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   According to Diane it looked like Missy was taking Maxie for her first swim.  They left the shore of Gull Lake and started swimming towards the cabins across the river.  Maxie wasn’t sure about the cold water and Missy had to swim back towards the calf numerous times to coax her to continue.  Diane said one time it looked like Missy had to have a long talk with Maxie in order to get her motivated to swim the rest of the way across.  What an amazing thing to see.

     Missy and Maxie have been spotted numerous times since Monday.  One of our guests saw them walking in the rapids and another some them on the road.  I have yet to see Maxie and I’m having a difficult time waiting.  There’s something about wildlife babies that I really enjoy.  I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to meet Maxie real soon.