Another Moose Tale

     One of the perks to working at an outfitter for the summer is getting to go out camping and fishing.  Adam and Billie took advantage of this opportunity and spent two nights camping in the BWCA this week. 

     While enjoying their campsite the other night they heard a strange sound.  They got up to investigate the noise and saw what they heard out in the lake.  They saw a cow moose swimming across the lake and as they got a closer look they saw her calf riding on her back!  What an awesome thing to see!  Of course they didn’t have a camera but they did watch in awe as the calf would slide off of it’s mother’s back into the water for a short swim then get back up onto her when it was tired. 

     The canoe country is filled with amazing things.  You don’t have to come and work at Voyageur to experience these incredible things, but you do have to get up here.  Give us a call and we’ll help you plan an adventure of your own. 1-888-CANOEIT