Fishing and Catching

Our guests have been having some good luck catching fish this past week.  The Smallmouth Bass have been biting like crazy and the Northern Pike are just as aggressive.  It was the first time Lake Trout fishing for two of our guests and they were able to bring in two nice Lakers, what an accomplishment.  The Walleyes are being picky as usual, but when we’ve had a couple of days of consistent wind and weather they really turn on.  Each week the local hardware store does a Big Fish Report for catch and release fishing and of the 19 fish listed for Walleye this past week all were from Saganaga.  Most fish were in the 28-33 inch range which is from 8-9 pounds; those are some nice Walleyes.  Come on up and try your luck at catching some fish, we’d love to see you at Voyageur and we still have plenty of openings. 

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