Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

     The concrete jungle is what I refer to the view from my window this weekend.  Tall buildings, the busy interstate, dirty sidewalks and people bustling to and fro.  Definitely a far cry from the peaceful view I see when I’m home on the Trail.  But yesterday, when I opened up the blinds to the outside view Abby said, "What a beautiful view!"

     I think something inside of me died when she said that.  I couldn’t help but reply, "Are you kidding me? You like the looks of smokestacks spewing pollultion into the air and vagrants peeing on the sidewalk? Are you really my daughter? Are your eyes open or are you dreaming?"

     We’re spending the weekend in Duluth, MN for a hockey tournament.  When I take Rugby outside to go to the bathroom there isn’t a patch of earth to find anywhere.  The soil is covered by concrete and there isn’t a tree in site.  We walk from inside of the hotel to the parking garage without seeing the sky. 

     I want to see the beauty of the snow covered earth, the pine trees dressed with frost.  To me, that is beautiful but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.