Women in the Woods

Do you know any women who would be interested in taking a wilderness canoe trip this summer?  If so, then please be sure to tell her about our Women in the Woods Packages.  The dates are set for 2006 and we would love to fill up all of the sessions.  We provide everything needed for a canoe camping adventure along with a seasoned paddler to travel with the group.  Group size in the BWCA is limited to 9 people per party so there is only room for 8 women in each session.  Book early to get the dates you want for your wilderness adventure.

 Arrive & Paddle

Paddle & Camp 

Off Water & Lodge Stay 


 June 19th

June 19-22nd  June 22nd  June 23rd 
 June 25th June 25-28th   June 28th June 29th 
 July 2nd  July 2-5th  July 5th  July 6th
 July 9th  July 9-12th  July 12th  July 13th
 July 16th  July 16-19th  July 19th  July 20th