Winter Break

     I almost forgot how much fun winter break was as a child.  I remember the days of digging in snowbanks until my fingers were frozen solid and still not wanting to go inside.  My kids have been doing a good job reminding me what winter and winter break is all about. 


   The kids don’t act like it’s a big production to go outside, they just do it.  Sometimes they put their snowpants on and other times they come inside with wet pants and red legs beneath.  Most of the time they do a good job of bundling up and thankfully they are big enough to dress themselves.  The snow gets caked to their mittens and inbetween their snowpants and jackets but they don’t seem to mind.  They use their imaginations to make plates out of the hard packed snow and weave paths through their cities.  It’s so much fun to watch them and even more fun to join them.

     During the Christmas celebration at Mike’s parent’s house everyone joined in the winter fun.  One by one his family members went outside to work on the sledding hill.  They shoveled snow, trimmed trees and banked the edges of their sledding chute.  Then they all took turns riding the different sleds down the hill and out onto the frozen pond.  Some rode double, some sat up and others got a running start and dove onto the sled head first.  There were hoots, hollers and cheering going on all afternoon.   


   Sledding is not a spectator sport and winter fun shouldn’t be either.  It’s time to bundle up, or not, and head outside.  Catch a snowflake on your tongue, lick an icicle and make a snow angel or two.  Before long you’ll remember what winter is all about.