Reduce Your Margins

     The presents are unwrapped and now wrapping paper fills garbage bags everywhere.  Well, hopefully not everywhere.  I’m hoping some people used cloth to wrap gifts or re-usable bags but even if you did you can always save more paper and reduce waste by reducing your margins.

The Benefits

  • Paper-use reduction. The average office worker could save 475 sheets of paper per year by reducing their margins from the default setting of 1 in to 0.50 in.
  • A cash endowment. The savings won’t help you retire early, but an office of 100 will save about $500 on paper per year.
  • Bonus enlargement? If you send this tip to your boss, who knows? You might just get a bigger year-end bonus.
  • Wanna Try?

    • Word Processing – step-by-step directions for changing your Word-doc margins.
    • If 10,000 Biters switch from the default settings to 0.5-in margins, in a year we’ll preserve more than an acre of trees.